Kyra: Pellowah, Reiki, and Kundalini Yoga

I currently offer Pellowah sessions remotely. In the near future, I will offer Reiki and Kundalini Yoga again. 

Pellowah is a revolutionary energy healing technique that has been gaining traction in the holistic health community. It is a powerful tool for self-healing and spiritual growth, allowing practitioners to access higher levels of consciousness and awareness and send it to the client. Pellowah energy decides where you need healing the most. Some clients report having new ways of seeing life and approaching life in a refreshed way before feeling physical benefits while some feel physical manifestations of relief first. Since we are not just one part as human beings we are mind body and soul with a connection to each other, Earth, spirit, and all life forms.

The Journey to Renewal

Pellowah is an angelic word meaning “Radical Shift in Consciousness” – its primary reason for being channelled at this time is for awakening the consciousness of humanity. Although an angelic term, Pellowah energy does not originate from the angelic realms. It is pure source energy, a direct transmission from the Light. I aim to make the practice of Pellowah approachable and joyful. I believe that integrating Pellowah into your life will improve your quality of life for the better. 

I am Certified Practitioners trained by Julie Parker (Pellowah Teacher No 263). Pellowah Practitioners offer in-person sessions and remote healing sessions.

Pellowah is equally powerful in person or as a remote session. The advantage of a distant healing session is your ability to relax in your environment and not be pressured by driving or public transport stress. Equally, once the session is complete, you can stay in your relaxed state without feeling you need to leave before my next client!

Currently, over 75% of Pellowah sessions are completed at a distance. 

Want to find out more? 

··     Increase your personal capacity for positive change
·     Empowers you to take charge of your life
·     Generates new and expanded perspectives
·     Attain a new lightness and sense of well being that increases      over time
·     Create a stronger connection to Source/The Divine
·     Remove blocks, enabling clearer guidance
·     Increased intuition
·     Realign the body meridians
·     Connect the 12 strands of DNA
·     Activate the connected 12 strands of DNA
·     Calming of emotions
·     Greater feeling of Inner peace and clarity of mind
·     Increase inner strength and confidence
·     Overcome fear, self doubt, anxiety and depression


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Meet me where I am, Kundalini Yoga


Go With the Flow Kriyas

Ready to roll out your mat and get started with Kundalini yoga? This class has a little bit of everything: meditation, stretches, and restoration. If you are looking for a class that offers restorative and restful poses, this is the one for you! Yoga is not a competitive sport and some days are more challenging than others. What is important is showing up for yourself. In practice or out of practice? We will breathe through Kriyas. This class is a great way to dive into your wellness journey. I often find that those who enroll in my classes are surprised and excited by their own capacities, and through this class, you will discover a whole new world that yoga has to offer. Sat Nam


Usui Linneage

Reiki is an ancient healing practice that has been used for centuries to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It is a holistic approach to health and wellness that works by channeling energy through the practitioner's hands into the recipient's body. This energy helps to restore balance and harmony in the body, allowing it to heal itself naturally.

Guided Meditations

Coming Soon... Breathe


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